Who We Are

National Condo Advisors brings condominium and cooperative developments into compliance with agency and lender mortgage guidelines. Mortgage financing is warrantable, accessible, affordable and abundant when condo and cooperative developments obtain and maintain compliance with agency guidelines.

We specifically tailor our approach to the compliance process specifically based upon the developments needs. We review, plan, align, submit and secure approval for condo and co-op developments utilizing our expert staff of compliance analysts and former agency employees.

National Condo Advisors also provides organizations with access to the top experts in the industry through our staff training programs.  We have training courses developed to give your staff the in-depth knowledge on the various agency approval options, approval guidelines, and specific issues critical to expanding your lines of business.  We also produce custom training packages for organizations based upon their specific requirements, delivered on-site or through an interactive webinar.  Each training is presented by industry experts, including Gary Newman (former Director of Fannie Mae Project Standards), Darlene Shannon (former Chief Technical Branch HUD Philadelphia Homeownership Center), and Orest Tomaselli (CEO of National Condo Advisors & 20 year industry veteran).



Gary Newman

Former Fannie Mae Director of Project Review, Gary Newman, leads the Fannie Mae condo training group in his role as National Fannie Mae Condo and Co-op Compliance Educator.


Darlene Shannon

Former HUD Homeownership Center Technical Branch Chief, Darlene Shannon, joined the National Condo Advisors team in 2015 after retiring from government service. Mrs. Shannon excels in her new role as Chief Business Development Officer where she is able to interact with lender, developer and property management clients. Mrs. Shannon also acts as National Condo Advisors’ FHA Condo Educator where she helps lenders navigate FHA project approval processes, orchestrates the creation of lender DELRAP and HRAP set up and provides project and quality control review.


Orest Tomaselli

In his role as President and CEO of National Condo Advisors, Orest provides lenders with 20 years of mortgage industry compliance knowledge, customized guidance on condominium and cooperative origination and review policies. Orest has lectured nationally and provided guidance to Fannie Mae, HUD, the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the New York State Bar Association and the Mortgage Bankers Association.