Agency Project and Loan Level Insurance Requirements

Former Director of Fannie Mae Project Standards, Gary Newman, presents an in-depth webinar on condo and co-op project insurance requirements. Don't miss it!

Course Benefits

This webinar is designed for mortgage underwriters and processors responsible for condominium and cooperative project review. It will focus on project and loan level insurance requirements for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA condo and co-op lending. 


This course is designed to outline the different agency requirements, similarities and differences. Underwriters who wish to develop a better, or broader, understanding of reviewing insurance policies, the declaration page, co-insurance, pooled insurance and industry terms will not want to miss this opportunity.

Live Chat!

Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions via the "live chat" option. Join one of the most knowledgeable and respected former Fannie Mae agency employees as he outlines key insurance requirements and where to find the information contained within the policy. Registrants are encouraged to email Gary prior to the broadcast to have the questions addressed during the presentation.

Date : Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017
Time : 1PM to 2:30PM EST
Lecture Type : Interactive Webinar

Price per Session $129

Class Description


  • Fannie Mae and FHA Requirements
  • Condo and Co-op Insurance
  • Master Insurance Policies
  • Co-Insurance
  • Pooled Insurance
  • Live Chat!
  • Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions via the “live chat” option. Registrants are encouraged to email their questions directly to Gary prior to the event to be answered during the presentation. gnewman@nationalcondoadvisors

Condo Lending Training Overview

Each 1 ½ hour Session is presented by industry experts, including:

  • Gary Newman, Former Director of Fannie Mae Project Standards
  • Darlene Shannon, Former Chief Technical Branch HUD Philadelphia Homeownership Center
  • Orest Tomaselli, President/CEO of National Condo Advisors and Strategic Inspections


Gary Newman: Condo and Co-op Lending Instructor, National Condo Advisors

During his 37-year tenure of employment with Fannie Mae, Gary Newman has predominantly held responsibilities in the management and oversight of the Agency’s national project review team. Prior to leaving Fannie Mae in March 2017, Gary was most recently the Director, Project Review for 6 years, and was highly successful in effectively managing the corporation’s risk exposure and PUD projects. Gary is well regarded by colleagues throughout the industry for possessing a strong knowledge about risk associated with the legal, financial and operational structure of condo, coop and PUD projects.

Gary has always been committed to providing training not only to mortgage lenders, but also to other industry partners such as National Association of Realtor, Builders, Developers Housing Finance Agencies, and Community Associations Inc. Training that serves well to enhance their ability to properly interpret and apply Fannie Mae eligibility requirements when developing, marketing and financing units in condo, coop and PUD projects. All with the end goal of supporting the sustainability of mortgage financing for the purchase or refinance units in these residential communities.
Gary resides with his family in Atlanta, GA, and enjoys spending free time on home renovation and furniture refinishing.

Darlene Shannon: Condo Lending Instructor, FHA Specialist, National Condo Advisors

A diligent and driven professional Darlene has achieved success and experience throughout a 29 + year career span within several Federal Government Housing Agencies. As an effective communicator, team-builder and mentor with strong managerial, analytical and organizational skills she was successful in managing a diverse staff of underwriters, appraisers, construction analysts’ and support team.

Her federal career began with the Rural Housing Service, formerly Farmers Home Administration, in 1985. She served in a variety of roles including Property Management Specialist and Rural Development Manager with direct endorsement authority for Single Family Loan and Grant Programs throughout the State of New Jersey.

In 2004 she joined the Department of Housing and Urban Development (FHA) in the Philadelphia Homeownership Center where she served as Technical Branch Chief until 2015. As Technical Branch Chief one of her responsibilities was the oversight of all technical aspects of the FHA Condominium Project Approval Process and the national condo review contract.
After retiring from her role at HUD in 2015, Darlene joined the team at National Condo Advisors as Chief Business Development Officer. Darlene routinely provides lender training and offers a high-level problem resolution guidance for its lender clients.