Best Practices Education Series: Property Manager Training

Course Benefits

To help property managers educate their condominium and cooperative communities to make informed decisions regarding mortgage compliance, reserve account funding, underlying mortgage financing and CIRA lending.


This series is presented in 4 separate sessions that will focus on topics that are important for every type of community. Condominiums, Co-op’s and even apartment buildings are covered in this unique training. You may find that one topic applies to the building you manage, or you may find the need to attend all 4 training sessions. Each session provides the registrant the ability to ask specific questions via the live-chat option as well as to submit questions electronically directly to the training team..

Live Chat!

Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions via the "live chat" option.

Orest Tomaselli, CEO of National Condo Advisors and Strategic Inspections, and his team of compliance experts will outline specific rules and regulations as they apply to condominium and cooperative communities. It’s what every property manager should know in order to best serve the communities they manage.

Registrants are encouraged to email the training team prior to the broadcast to have their questions asked during the presentation.

Session 1 - Reserve Budgeting for Condo’s & Co-op’s.

  • Discussion will include the four “W’s”, What, Why, When and Who should perform a reserve study
  • 10% Reserve Requirements
  • Contingency
  • Budget Compliance

Date : February 27, 2018
Time : 1PM to 2PM
Lecture Type : Live

Price per Session $59


Session 2 - Condo Project Approval.

What every Property Manager must know regarding compliance and why it’s needed.

  • FHA
  • VA

Date : March 6, 2018
Time : 1PM to 2PM
Lecture Type : Live

Price per Session $59


Session 3 - CIRA Condo Loans.

  • Learn which communities should borrow and which communities SHOULD NOT!
  • Lender guest speaker

Date : March 13, 2018
Time : 1PM to 2PM
Lecture Type : Live

Price per Session: $59


Session 4 - The Condo Board.

  • Help board members make educated decisions on what is best for their communities
  • Responsibilities

Date : March 20, 2018
Time : 1PM to 2PM
Lecture Type : Live

Price per session: $59 ($36 discount applied if registering for all 4 sessions)

Series Description

Help the communities you manage make educated decisions regarding:

  • Reserve Funding and the importance of reserve studies;
  • Why it's important for every condominium and co-op building to be compliant with agency and lender requirements;
  • Should a community borrow funds???? Guest lender speaker; and
  • "The Board"-Condo or Co-op, what you need to know to help board members make important, informed decisions.

NCA's Training Team

Each training session is presented by industry experts that includes:

  • Tenita Kennedy, Senior Compliance Analyst
  • Mercedes Parker, Chief Lending Compliance Manager
  • Dan Cerulo, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Orest Tomaselli, President/CEO of National Condo Advisors and Strategic Inspections


Tenita Kennedy: Condo and Co-op Lending Instructor, National Condo Advisors

Tenita gained her knowledge and experience working in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry for more than 20 years. Her experience in the industry includes working as a Loan Officer for many lenders including Sovereign Bank, Advanta National Bank and Wells Fargo.

As a result of the knowledge, experience and relationships that were developed she started her own business as a Mortgage Broker until being recruited for a Project Manager and Quality Control Specialist position with FBSolutions performing FHA Condominium Project Reviews on behalf of HUD.

Tenita earned her Accounting Degree from the University of Pittsburgh and brings her financial background, education, and experience to her thorough reviews of the financial operations of condominium and especially cooperative developments.

Mercedes Parker: Chief Lending Compliance Manager, National Condo Advisors

Mercedes has over 14 years ’ experience as a national collateral analyst performing project reviews for lender and agency compliance. After spending most of her career with Bank of America, she joined National Condo Advisors to expand her opportunities to include nationwide lender training services, special project solutions innovation, and development of new business channels.

Mercedes has completed various mortgage related courses including: Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA), Fair Lending, Global Financial Crimes Awareness, Credit and Customer Information Protection, Mortgage Fraud Prevention, and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act/RESPA Section 8.

Dan Cerulo: Condo, Co-op and Portfolio Lending Instructor, National Condo Advisors

Dan is NCA’s Chief Compliance Officer, and has over six years of experience working with nationwide condominium and cooperative project approval guidelines for FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, and numerous lender-specific products during his time with National Condo Advisors, LLC. Primarily engaged in performing guideline compliance reviews of condominium and cooperative legal documents, he also oversees the Quality Control Division of National Condo Advisors.

He received his Juris Doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis.

Darlene Shannon: National Condo Advisor’s Training Coordinator and Business Development

Darlene is responsible for Business Development and is NCA’s Training Coordinator. She has achieved success and experience throughout a 29 + year career span within several Federal Government Housing Agencies. As an effective communicator, team-builder and mentor with strong managerial, analytical and organizational skills she was successful in managing a diverse staff of underwriters, appraisers, construction analysts’ and support team.

Her federal career began with the Rural Housing Service where she served in a variety of roles including Property Management Specialist and Rural Development Manager with direct endorsement authority for Single Family Loan and Grant Programs throughout the State of New Jersey. In 2004, she joined the Department of Housing and Urban Development (FHA) in the Philadelphia Homeownership Center where she served as Technical Branch Chief until 2015. As Technical Branch Chief one of her main responsibilities was the oversight of all technical aspects of the FHA Condominium Project Approval Process. Additionally, Darlene was responsible for HUD's national condo review contract as well as coordination and development for all training relating to condominium project review and approval in the PHOC.