Getting your staff trained to originate, underwrite and process condominium and cooperative loans just got a whole lot easier! National Condo Advisors offers a complete suite of project compliance education services that will allow your team to close loans within condominium and cooperative developments with confidence .

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Condominium Training Series

Condominium Lending Course 1 May 2nd, 2017

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA condominium lending basics.

Condominium Lending Course 2 May 9th, 2017

Fannie Mae Lending: Intensive Policy Review

Condominium Lending Course 3 May 16th, 2017

FHA and VA Lending: Intensive Policy Review

Condominium Lending Course 4 May 24th, 2017

Condo Best Practices: Review Guidance, Red Flags


We’ve put together a team of instructors with, arguably, more knowledge on condo and co-op lending than any other organization in the mortgage industry.


Gary Newman

Former Fannie Mae Director of Project Review, Gary Newman, leads the Fannie Mae condo training group in his role as National Fannie Mae Condo and Co-op Compliance Educator.


Darlene Shannon

Former HUD Homeownership Center Technical Branch Chief, Darlene Shannon, joined the National Condo Advisors team in 2015 after retiring from government service. Mrs. Shannon excels in her new role as Chief Business Development Officer where she is able to interact with lender, developer and property management clients. Mrs. Shannon also acts as National Condo Advisors’ FHA Condo Educator where she helps lenders navigate FHA project approval processes, orchestrates the creation of lender DELRAP and HRAP set up and provides project and quality control review.


Orest Tomaselli

In his role as President and CEO of National Condo Advisors, Orest provides lenders with 20 years of mortgage industry compliance knowledge, customized guidance on condominium and cooperative origination and review policies. Orest has lectured nationally and provided guidance to Fannie Mae, HUD, the New York State Attorney General’s Office the New York State Bar Association and the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Education Offerings

Condo and Cooperative Lending Compliance

Fannie Mae

Full Review
Limited Review
PERS Full Project Review
PERS Limited Project Review


FHA HRAP Submission
Agency DELRAP Initiation
Project Quality Control


VA Condo Approval


Lender Credit Policy Guide

Freddie Mac

Selling Condo Loans to Freddie Mac


Fannie Mae review
Freddie Mac review

Quality Control | Affordable Agreement Review | Legal Document Review | Ground Lease Review | Insurance Policy Review | Underwriter Training | Originator Training | Project Waiver | Litigation Review